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Concealment Flag 20x38

Concealment Flag 20x38


Hand made wooden concealment flag.

What makes our concealment flags different from the rest?
-Our Flag faces are built from pine boards vs the competitors plywood.
- No paint is used anywhere on this Flag
- Perfectly Placed Carved Stars
- Correctly proportioned to a real Flag
- 3 hidden compartments
- reenforced drop down shelf
- Solid backing for a fully enclosed unit
- Clean interior thats customizable
- includes gun foam
- includes magnetic locks and keys

The black is burnt (no paint is used), stars are individually hand carved and all edges are rounded over. Customizable with images on the inside panels. All customizations on the inside are hand carved to add that extra touch to make the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. 

Includes foam padding ready to be cut to your specific weapon size as well as 3 magnetic locks. 


Measures on the outside 38x20
Measures on the inside panels
9x13.75x2.5 (union)
9x22x2.5 (upper stripes)
8x36.25x2.5 (lower stripes)

Upgrade to a custom carved union by purchasing the add on "Custom Union"

shipping is $85

*10-12 week production time*

Free deliveries within 30 miles of 98597